"From our experience, we know that business is derived from providing the right solution to the person who needs it a the time they are in need. Communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time is really quite simple, and it shouldn't cost a fortune."

-Christopher J. Curran

For equipment suppliers to the world of print media, W&A offers strategic planning and consultative services for marketing communications and product development including segmentation and penetration.

Our clients enjoy successes founded on best practice for the challenge at hand. Our team of experts offers professional experience derived from both inside and outside the print media industry.


Within your organization, we identify the raw materials you already have and simply match this with the appropriate communications instrument for each of the identified marketing objectives.  

Be it product management, sales, public relations, or advertising they all have to be on the same orchestrated page. Once this is accomplished, integrated marketing becomes a predictable and measurable science.
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